AREA-Directed Research RFP Submission Form

Proposal submissions are made via the form below. After completing the Contact Information, you may either:

  1. complete the details section of the form (Option #1)
  2. submit the RFP information as a PDF document (Option #2)

If uploading as a separate document, it should be no longer than 5 pages and include a background, milestones, schedule, partnerships, risks and mitigation and resumes of key personnel.

Please direct document submissions and any questions regarding the AREA-Directed Research Program or RFP submission process to  Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA.

Contact Information

Name of organization

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Submission Option #1

Please fill in all fields below.  If you would prefer to provide this information via PDF,  skip to Option #2 at the end of this form. 

1. Description of the research methodology to be used

Please describe in detail (bullets are acceptable) the research methodology that your team will follow if awarded this project. Include approaches for getting the best information and even the sources (experts) that you would seek to contribute.

2. Project milestones and timeline

List the key milestones and when will they be completed.

3. Project risks and mitigation measures

What are the key risks, how will you overcome them, how can you and the AREA ensure this research project is a success?

4. Potential or confirmed partners in the research

Will you need partners to support this project? If so, who will you need to engage with?

5. Background and qualifications of the organization to perform research and any proposed partners

Please provide a justification for why you (and your organization and any partners) can undertake this project.

6. Examples of other completed projects/reports

Please provide links/information about similar or relevant projects undertaken by you and your organization.

Please provide up to three references




Submission Option #2

The RFP details may be submitted via PDF, but should be no longer than 5 pages and include a background, milestones, schedule, partnerships, risks and mitigation and resumes of key personnel.

Terms and Conditions: All research to be conducted will follow industry best practices to ensure the highest quality results.

Copyright: The AREA Research deliverables will be the exclusive property of the AREA. All content of the deliverables will be original and free of any content for which a third-party could or does claim copyright. 

Fees: The AREA will pay a maximum fee of $15,000 for this research project.

Project Deadline: The AREA seeks to receive the finished deliverables on or before October 31, 2017. 

All proposals will be evaluated by the AREA Research committee co-chairs on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrated knowledge of ROI analysis methods
  2. Clear qualifications of research organization and any partners in the domain of ROI in AR, if possible, or adjacent technologies
  3. Review of prior research reports and calculator samples
  4. Feedback of references

The AREA will provide detailed replies to submitters on or before August 18, 2017.