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Crunchfish AB


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At Crunchfish, we are passionate about human interaction with electronic devices. Our vision is to change the interaction into one on human conditions. We provide software and user experience (UX) expertise for Augmented Reality that creates new interaction possibilities using gesture control and proximity solutions.

In some of their latest developments Crunchfish has extended cooperation with LLVision, one of the leading AR-companies in China. LLVision will offer Crunchfish’s software for touchless gesture interaction as default in their new AR-platform. Read more here.

In other recent news, a new generation of Crunchfish’s gesture interaction software has been launched. This high-precision one-gesture software solution is specially designed for interaction with any standard AR smart glasses enabling a new intuitive interaction method. It makes it possible for the user to control all functions in the glasses with only one gesture, similar to the touchscreens tap interaction. Read more about it in their press release here and watch the supporting video below.


In other exciting news, Crunchfish and RealMax Oy in Finland have very recently signed an agreement allowing the AR smart glasses provider to pre-integrate and demonstrate Crunchfish’s gesture interaction technology in solutions for its RealWear AR products. The partnership further strengthens Crunchfish’s global network of AR-partners and the position as one of the leading suppliers of gesture control for AR smart glasses. Read more about it here.


Touchless gesture control

AR devices are primarily designed to be used with intangible interfaces. As such, many existing interaction technologies no longer apply. Touchless interaction is more efficient and accurate in many AR settings.

With advanced image recognition and deep learning algorithms, we use the cameras in mobile and wearable devices to detect and track a person’s face and hands. This enables you to engage with digital interfaces in a more natural way using gestures, making interactions more fluid, direct and immersive.

Proximity solutions

Smart contextual awareness is a tool for managing context dependent information that provides the right information, at the right time, in the right place and to the right people.

Using low energy Bluetooth, we provide applications with an intelligent proximity layer that creates a mobile network bubble. Within the bubble, this smart contextual awareness lets users of mobile and wearable devices discover what and who is nearby, connect and share information in real time.

Our technologies are licensed to hardware manufacturers and application developers and are currently available in millions of devices from global enterprises. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Malmö,

Sweden. Since 2016, we have been listed on Nasdaq First North.

Background and Achievements

We bring more than seven years’ experience in UX design from touchless gesture interaction projects. Our gesture control software is currently available in millions of devices from global players.

Since 2016, we have entered strategic partnerships with providers of hardware or software for AR smart glasses, such as Epson, Llvision, ODG, Goertek, Nibiru and Optinvent.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

UX design

Interaction with smart glasses is in critical need of intuitive UX designs and considerations. To secure optimal interaction, you must consider environmental conditions, information requirements, human factors, ergonomics and other external constraints.

A smart glasses user will constantly face situations where existing interaction methods fail, and where touchless gestures serve an important and crucial alternative.


  • When it is uncomfortable or difficult to reach a controller with buttons
  • When operating in noisy environments
  • When environments request silence
  • When users are wearing gloves, which could reduce sensitivity and lose precision in finding buttons
  • When there are requirements to minimize risk of hand contamination
  • When users must quickly access features with high precision

Smart contextual awareness

This is a key technology to secure information relevance and efficient information exchange. Our proximity software enables smart contextual awareness between entities such as smartphones, wearables, machines, physical areas, and vehicles.

In a defined “proximity bubble,” our technology enables:

  • Entities to seamlessly discover, connect and share information
  • Entities to share only context relevant information
  • More efficient collaboration by locating relevant entities inside bubbles, faster and with higher relevance
  • Analytics to retrieve more details enabling measure of collaboration efficiency at work sites
  • An additional layer of security based on physical presence

Why AR is a Strategic Area

Smart glasses combined with different services will change the work processes in many industries over the next two to five years. Because AR technology enables significant efficiency gains in industry, the growth rate in the AR area is expected to be strong in the long term.

Products and services from global players like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook, in combination with development software such as ARKit and ARCore, will drive volume and increase the demand for gesture control software. This is confirmed by the fact that influential industry players agree that gesture control is one of the most effective interaction methods within AR.

Crunchfish is building partnerships with global suppliers of AR products and software. Through these partnerships, we are building a strong position in the gesture control for AR market. The chosen strategy to establish partnerships with leading players is central to our ability to take part in market development as volume grows.

A higher market understanding of the interaction challenges in different AR environments will increase the demand for user-friendly and efficient ways to interact with AR devices. Technology for smart context awareness will be key to the management of context-dependent information.

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