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Arvolution provides AR and VR software solutions for the consumer goods industry. Our suite of products includes IoT, Quality Assurance and Remote Maintenance integration. Arvolution provides both consulting services and software solutions for the enterprise market, helping companies to adapt into Industry 4.0.

Background and Achievements

Founded in 2017, during our short lifespan Arvolution has managed to make a dent in the Latin American consumer goods industry, saving more than one ton of food waste in our first year. Arvolution’s achievements include being part of MIT’s Global Entrepreneurship bootcamp, Numa Acceleration program – Mexico’s leading accelerator –  and the first AREA member from Latin America. Our CEO was recognized as an MIT “Innovator Under 35” thanks to his work at Arvolution.

Challenges to be Addressed by AR

The consumer goods industry is relatively immature when it comes to cloud adoption. A lack of immediate quality control procedures causes product waste which represents $750 billion in annual losses across the industry. This is in part due to outdated quality assurance procedures and production line errors. Companies do not find out about these issues immediately, due to poor communication. Current quality control procedures in place are time consuming and inefficient. Arvolution’s software helps companies address operational issues by:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the quality assurance process by reducing times by up to 80%
  • Implementing Data Analysis to display actionable metrics to management
  • Displaying step-by-step maintenance instructions
  • Enabling expert remote support

Why AR is a Strategic Area

Few companies are using AR/VR as a strategic facilitator for growth and agility. We are in an era where these technologies, with the proper stimuli, will become the next computing platforms. We firmly believe in the added value these technologies can offer to the enterprise other than “nice to have” features.

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