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Jay Kim of Upskill on the Pristine Acquisition and the Future of AR

AREA Editor
Jun 12 2017

In the aftermath of Upskill’s acquisition of Pristine, the AREA caught up with Upskill’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jay Kim, to...

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Calling all AR Startups: Now There’s an AREA Membership Just for You

Jun 6 2017

Are you an AR startup that would like to join the AREA but has lacked the resources for a full...

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No more passing the buck on AR security

May 25 2017

This is the third in a series of blog posts following the progress being made on the AREA’s first research...

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Addressing the Security Challenges of Wearable Devices for Enterprises

Tony Hodgson
May 16 2017

Read the first installment here. The topic of security in enterprise AR environments is both under-addressed and vital. Our cybersecurity team at Brainwaive is excited about...

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Mark Your Calendar for May 17 – AREA Webinar on AR and IoT

May 1 2017

Imagine an aircraft service facility where the maintenance crew has the actual performance data of each plane’s engine components right...

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AREA Research Project Takes on the Challenges of Enterprise AR Security

Apr 24 2017

In 2015, cybercrime damage cost the world $3 trillion, according to one estimate. By 2021, that number is expected to...

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5 Reasons Why the DMDII/AREA Requirements Workshop Was a Milestone Event

Mark Sage
Mar 28 2017

At first glance, the two-day event promised to be a worthwhile exchange among parties with shared interests. On one side...

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Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things boost human performance

Mar 20 2017

Smart connected objects allow extensive optimizations and accurate predictions in the production line. However, this is not the only benefit...

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Three Lessons We’ve Learned Developing AR Solutions

Anastasiia Bobeshko
Mar 16 2017

Industries and enterprises are adopting AR solutions to strengthen their competitive advantage and get customers engaged in business activities. As...

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Features Worth Seeking in an Augmented Reality SDK

Albert Wang
Mar 11 2017

Interest in AR SDKs has intensified since last year, when one of the leading solutions, Metaio, was sold to Apple,...

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Global Smart Glass Market 2014-2021

Decision Database
Mar 9 2017

This provides the value chain analysis, market attractiveness analysis, and company share analysis along with key player’s complete profiles. Information...

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AREA Interview: Ken Lee of VanGogh Imaging

Feb 21 2017

AREA: Tell us about VanGogh Imaging and how the company started. KEN LEE: The reason I started VanGogh was I...

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