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Exploring the AREA Website

Aug 26 2015

The AREA offers unique content about enterprise Augmented Reality that you won’t find elsewhere. This post shows you how to...

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Introducing the AR in Strategic Enterprise Sessions

Aug 25 2015

In contrast to companies that are responding and reacting to changing conditions without a plan, strategic enterprises systematically apply the...

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Augmented Reality Can Increase Productivity

Aug 20 2015

Technological and cultural shifts that result in enhancements in manufacturing tend to increase complexity in products and processes. In turn,...

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Aug 12 2015

This article originally appeared in the AERTEC Solutions blog. Contrary to what many people believe, the aeronautical industry is today...

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Just-in-Place: The Case for Augmented Reality in AEC

Jul 23 2015

This post by Dace Campbell previously appeared on the AEC Industry website Beyond Design  AR: An Extension of Lean For decades,...

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ARLU—the Right Event at the Right Time

Jul 20 2015

EPRI is proud to collaborate with the AREA on the first ever Augmented Reality in Leading-Edge Utilities (ARLU) this July,...

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Augmented Reality Industry Leader: Bob Meads, CEO iQagent

Jun 26 2015

Today Christine Perey, Executive Director of the AREA, interviews Bob Meads, CEO of iQagent and member of the AREA board....

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DAQRI @ AWE 2015

Jun 4 2015

This post was previously published on the DAQRI blog and posted here with permission. As we head into Augmented World...

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What Apple’s Purchase of Metaio Really Means for Augmented Reality

Jun 1 2015

This article was originally published by AREA member NGRAIN on their company blog. Augmented World Expo 2015 is just a...

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Not as Easy as It Looks

May 16 2015

In a modern world everyone assumes that power recharges are just a “plug away.” Just plug your device into the...

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Why IEEE Joined the AREA

May 14 2015

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance offers a central platform for the Augmented Reality ecosystem to come together in a...

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APX Labs’ Milestones in Enterprise Smart Glasses

May 13 2015

Portions of this article were published in SAP Startup Focus in its March 26 newsletter. Since we began in this...

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