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Why IEEE Joined the AREA

May 14 2015

The Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance offers a central platform for the Augmented Reality ecosystem to come together in a...

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APX Labs’ Milestones in Enterprise Smart Glasses

May 13 2015

Portions of this article were published in SAP Startup Focus in its March 26 newsletter. Since we began in this...

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Getting Started with Industrial Augmented Reality

May 4 2015

Necessity is the mother of invention, so the old saying goes. Nowhere is that more true than where the enterprise...

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AR: A Natural Fit for Plant Floor Challenges

Apr 27 2015

Much has been made recently of how Augmented Reality will soon merge our digital lives with our real ones, bestowing...

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Why Augmented Reality and Collaboration Make for a Safer and Better World

Apr 25 2015

Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled systems show a mechanic how to repair an engine, or perhaps in the future will guide an...

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Christine Perey to Speak at the EPRI Information, Communication and Cyber Security (ICCS) European Engagement Summit

Apr 17 2015

AREA member EPRI will be hosting its first European Engagement Summit on April 28 and 29 in Madrid, Spain. Executives from...

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Events are Beginning to Focus on Enterprise Augmented Reality

Jan 26 2015

Look out! Your travel schedule is already overloaded but there are new events where the topic of enterprise Augmented Reality...

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Augmented Reality at CES 2015 is Better and Bigger Than Ever

Jan 21 2015

There’s something for everyone at CES. Do you need a way to store your earbuds so the cables aren’t tangled?...

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CES 2015 Attracts AREA Members and Their Customers

Jan 7 2015

Few trade shows and exhibitions compete with the annual Consumer Electronics Show in sheer magnitude. Over 170,000 people, including representatives...

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Terminology Monsters Alive and Well

Nov 11 2014

Most enterprise IT managers use dozens of acronyms and a large specialized vocabulary for communicating about their projects. The mobile...

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Future for Eyewear is Bright (If Enterprise Requirements Can be Met)

Nov 4 2014

The topic of hands-free displays or eyewear for Augmented Reality was popular at InsideAR 2014. It was discussed using many...

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The IEEE Standards Association at Inside AR 2014

Nov 4 2014

This is a guest post by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), on their participation at the 2014 edition of InsideAR...

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