Trimble and University of Cambridge using HoloLens in Construction

HoloLens app developer Trimble has been working with the University of Cambridge, UK to find practical applications for Microsoft’s holographic technology in the construction industry.

Trimble developed the SketchUp Viewer app, which allows architects to see hologram versions of building models when they’re wearing the HoloLens headset.  Along with the University of Cambridge’s Construction Information Technology Lab are trialling the holographic technology in two ways:

  1. To help building inspectors when carrying out remote structure assessments. Instead of on site visits they can use Hololens to see all physical and digital information in one go.
  2. To automatically detect damage in bridges. High-resolution images can be taken by local teams and sent to inspection engineers, which can then review the integrity of a bridge in mixed reality using HoloLens, making recommendations for repairs or other preventative measures.

Ioannis Brilakis, Director of Construction IT Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, said: “The construction sector is undergoing rapid transformation as a result of the revolution in digital engineering. This exciting relationship with Trimble will enable us to work together to push forward our agenda to develop new, transformative tools and technologies to deliver a much safer and more productive construction industry and help build the infrastructure on which the well-being of society depends.”


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