It’s time to set policies for Working Wearables

An article on FleetOwner by Jane Clark, VP, Member Services, NationaLease, tells industry that workplace wearbales are here to stay, and the advice is to legislate for them! When it comes to workplace wearables, the technology has outpaced the law, according to Tawny Alvarez of Verrill Dana, LLP, attorneys at law speaking at a recent NationaLease meeting.

If you think these types of devices are not being used in the workplace, think again. In 2016, according to Alvarez, companies gave employees approximately 202,000,000 wearable devices. That number is expected to grow to half-a-million by 2021.

Benefits and uses of wearables at work for operational efficiencies are outlined, as are the drawbacks of using them, including security. The advice is to set some policies which govern the workplace wearable devices that are inevitably coming to more and more workplaces.

Things to consider include:

  • Who owns the device and the data?
  • How is the data stored and used?
  • Who can access the data?
  • What are the employees’ expectations of what the device can do?
  • How will you prevent abuse by employees?
  • How will you prevent abuse by the company?

Questions to help companies develop a code of conduct around devices are offered:

  • How is the data collected?
  • Where is the data stored?
  • How will the data be used?
  • Who owns the data?
  • Can the data can be sold

The article can be read in full here:

For more information and advice, please feel free to browse the information on The AREA’s website for research and information on AR enterprise security or reach out to speak with us about membership.

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