The Magic that is AR – Q&A by Tomi T Ahonen

AREA member Appearition released a 5 minute read blog this week where they interviewed Tomi T Ahonen with 5 questions.  Tomi T Ahonen is “a thought leader in Tech Space with a distinct passion for Augmented Reality”. He’s the author of 12 books on mobile.  

Topics covered include

  • How the Augmented Reality Industry has evolved over the past 5 years
  • Where he’d like to see the industry in the next 5 years
  • The more influential players in this industry
  • Where he sees the most potential for development
  • Top 3 benefits of AR technology
  • Challenges faced by companies looking to adopt Augmented Reality at an enterprise level
  • Thoughts and advice for newcomers in the industry

Tomi T Ahonen believes that ‘AR is truly magical. As such, it appeals remarkably strongly to young people.’  With discussions on how AR is ‘illustrative’ it really is worth a read!

To read the interview in full click here.

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