Scopis Improving Spinal Surgery with Mixed and Augmented Reality

Scopis has launched a new tool to give surgeons enhanced visibility when performing spinal surgery.  Scopis is a medical navigation technology company, using Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality to bring precision and speed in medical settings.

By merging the capabilities of Microsoft HoloLens with their surgical navigation platform, Berlin, Germany and Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Scopis has developed the Holographic Navigation Platform.  Wearing HoloLens glasses, surgeons can see a 3D overlay of the pre-planned positioning of screws, allowing the surgeon to interactively align their instruments with the holographic visualization and find the proper location more quickly. Additionally, surgeons can keep their eye on the operative field, and they can also used gestures to place virtual monitors onto their visual field. 

“Scopis’ Holographic Navigation Platform is a universal solution that offers specific advantages for spinal surgeries and can also be applied in the many other areas where the highest levels of precision and speed are critical. In neurosurgery, for example, brain tumors could be located faster and with higher accuracy,” Scopis CEO and founder Bartosz Kosmecki, said in a statement. “The development of this holographic platform further highlights Scopis’ leading role in medical mixed and augmented reality.”

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