Scope AR Brings Real-Time Remote Assistance to More Than 100 Million Android Devices with ARCore

Taken from a press release dated March 20 2018 about Scope AR, an AREA member. Scope AR is a pioneer of enterprise-class augmented reality (AR) solutions; the company announced that its AR-based live support video calling application – Remote AR – now supports ARCore, an Android software development kit available for bringing a whole new level of AR capability to supported devices.

The company worked in collaboration with Google to build its Remote AR application for all ARCore-compatible devices, which includes over 100 million Android smartphones. In doing so, enterprises can now more easily use AR to empower real-time, remote collaboration among its workforce across a wide array of devices already in use in the office, factory floor or out in the field.

With newly added support for ARCore, Remote AR is one of the most platform agnostic AR tools on the market available for use on Android, iOS and Windows devices simultaneously, as well as select smartglasses and wearables, allowing organizations to easily experience the benefits of AR by using their device of choice.

“Augmented reality is continuing to gain interest within enterprise organizations across a variety of applications as a result of its unique ability to deliver on-demand knowledge sharing between a remote user and expert,” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO and co-founder of Scope AR. “Our support for ARCore demonstrates our commitment to support the most advanced technology available for Remote AR so our customers have the best experience possible on devices being deployed in the workforce today.”

Remote AR delivers the ability to save time and money, as well as improve knowledge transfer and retention by combining AR with live video streaming, voice, 3D animation, screen sharing, whiteboarding and world-locked annotations. Doing so simulates the effectiveness of having an expert on-site guiding a worker step-by-step on what to do.

Read the full press release here.

Read Scope AR’s member profile here.

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