Saguna and GridRaster Partnership to bring VR/AR to a number of industries

A press release dated May 10 2018 announced a partnership between GridRaster, a California-based VR/AR startup and Saguna, a leading provider and pioneer of Multi-access Edge Cloud (MEC) solutions.  The partnership will enable high-quality, immersive VR/AR experiences on mobile devices by leveraging edge cloud computing technologies.

Virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) applications can improve productivity, reduce cost and increase revenues in aerospace, automotive, industrial design and retail. However, high quality VR/AR experience require heavy computing resources and immediate response times. Requirements, which current cloud-computing and network infrastructure are unable to effectively deliver.

To address this market-need and accelerate adoption of VR/AR applications for enterprises, GridRaster and Saguna have teamed up to create a joint solution. This solution features GridRaster VR/AR software platform operating on Saguna Open-RAN multi-access edge computing solution.

GridRaster provides the underlying compute and network stack to power high-end VR/AR experiences on mobile platforms by leveraging the edge cloud. The solution provides high-performance graphics at ultra-low latency, while improving the overall performance by 10x.

Saguna’s Multi-access Edge Cloud Computing (MEC)solution, Saguna Open-RAN, creates cloud-computing ‘cloudlets’ at the access network; close to end users and connected devices. It enables communication service providers (CSPs) to transform their networks into powerful cloud computing infrastructures, where new Edge Applications can be easily developed and deployed.

The full press release can be viewed here.

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