Smart workplace wearables positively impacting safety in Construction and BIM

[Report] Tech tools increase onsite safety

How is emerging technology impacting safety in the construction industry? What does the research tell us? What tech tools are being used?  This summary article is taken from Smart wearables tracking are improving the building and construction industry.  The full report can be read here.

  • Dodge Data & Analytics’ newest SmartMarketReport, Safety Management in the Construction Industry, shows that technology, including BIM, drones and wearables, is having a positive effect onsite in regards to improving safety.
  • Produced in partnership with the Center for Construction Research and Training and United Rentals, the report also shows that investment in safety initiatives has positively impacted project budgets, schedules, quality and ability to contract new work.
  • In addition, the study addresses leading indicators of a positive safety culture and climate on the jobsite.
  • One indicator, safety and health training for supervisors and workers, is up from 2015, whereas recognizing the importance of good communication, another indicator, is down.

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