RealWear’s HMT-1: A hands-free, head-mounted tablet

AREA member RealWear has created a hands free head-mounted tablet the HMT-1. The HMT-1 is a discreet small screen, hands free, head-mounted tablet that is designed to be worn with an industrial helmet for workers in the field, factory or warehouse without obstructing the user’s vision.

RealWear they released this product in March 2017 to a limited audience selling to 65 companies. In May 2017, an additional 240 units shipped, and 60 were kept to test in a lab setting at RealWear. The beta program will shut down after these pilots are completed, and production will begin for August 2017 shipments to the general public at less than $1,500 per unit.The HMT-1 supports 10 languages and is designed for industrial workers who need to be hands-free while talking to consultants at a home office or other location.

Andy Lowery, CEO of RealWear, describes the voice recognition system as “our special sauce” because it incorporates two different algorithms and two different microphones.

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