Proximie Lets Doctors Collaborate on Remote Surgery

A London-based surgeon Nadine Haram and founder of Proximie, a developer of Augmented Reality tools for surgery has started to apply Augmented Reality in the workplace.

Proximie allows a sensor to overlay images on consultations from surgeons’ hand onto a video of a patient which guides doctors though surgery in real time. They can see where to make an incision and this application is also being used at the University College London for teaching medical students. It allows students to watch surgeries on the app without actually being in an operating theatre.

Nadine Haram of Proximie says, “We needed to find a way for technology to democratize access to surgery and really crowdsource all that knowledge into one place where we can all benefit from it.”

A company based in the U.S. Medsights Tech, have also been developing AR software for oncologists and January this year Philips also announced a similar tool for spinal and cranial surgery

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