Osterhout Design Group Enables Augmented Reality

An article on Nanalyze discusses Osterhout Design Group’s (ODG) recent investment in Augmented Reality. Following last year’s release of their R-7 AR headset, this month they closed a Series A funding round of $58 million. ODG’s R-7 features a HD 3D screen and has a lighter design than previous versions; it also provides sufficient power for complete integration without requiring an outside source.

The article lists areas in which ODG’s R-7 is already being utilised:

  • Deskless field workers: AREA member Atheer partnered with ODG earlier this year, combining their Augmented Interactive Reality platform with the R-7 to provide cloud-based management, collaboration, and data-sharing to deskless workers.
  • Vision impairment: NuEyes partnered with ODG, and provided features such as text-to-speech and media streaming to the R-7 smart glasses to help those who suffer from visual conditions like macular degeneration.
  • Military and police: Ried System Electronic partnered with ODG to provide essential applications to the police and military such as remote viewing of thermal imaging cameras.
  • Manufacturing: Vital Enterprises partnered with ODG in January to help manufacturing organisations with quality assurance by bringing data visualisation and remote consultations to field service workers. This reduces risk to employees as well as improving quality and productivity.
  • Medical training: Advanced Medical Applications partnered with ODG to improve healthcare by enabling medical workers to share video streams and communicate with experts.

Other potential uses of the R-7 mentioned in the article are:

  • Consumer entertainment
  • Industrial applications

Energy and utilities

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