Manufacturer: Glass Wearables Reduced new Employee Training Time by 50%

In a recent article, AGCO a Minnesota based manufacturer of agricultural equipment, announced that the use of Glass-assisted reality wearables has helped increased workers productivity and accuracy while performing complex assemblies.

According to the article in a manufacturing workplace, the ability to be both efficient and see the details in assembly work  is critical to success. They believe that training employees from day one, using artificial assistance tools can be a good way to get them accustomed to the future of work.

AGCO reports that Glass wearable use has led to a 50% reduction in new employee training time and a 30% reduction in task processing. AGCO’s Director of Business Process Improvement Peggy Gulick said that the use of smart glasses in employee development is highly effective, particularly for new hire training, multi-operational concepts and new product launches.

To read the article and watch a video on AGCO click the link here.

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