Lumus brings smaller AR display to combat optics bottleneck

An article on TechCrunch explains how one of the issues to AR solutions is optics and display. This is the view of Lumus CEO Ari Grobman and the reason why they are highlighting a new form factor at CES 2018 that they hope to have ready for Q2 2018, bringing a complicated display technology smaller than it has ever been before.

As the article states, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook are all look towards getting augmented reality glasses out into the market to push their vision of the world directly into viewers’ eyeballs, however, they’re running into a common challenge in terms of displays.

Lumus builds reflective waveguides. The interesting, rather sleek pieces of display technology rely on microscopic etchings in transparent glass lenses that catch light being projected into their edges.

While these systems are limited in how much of a viewer’s field-of-view they can fill, they are unparalleled in the small form factors they can reach and will likely be what powers your first pair of smart glasses.

For further information see the full TechCrunch article.


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