CyberKnight AR Light Based Trigger System

A Hong Kong Innovation Consulting Firm, CyberKnight, has created a new AR technology platform that uses ‘patterns, pulses and colours of light’ to active, trigger and control AR applications. This information comes from their press release dated June 7 2017.

CyberKnight recently filed U.S. Utility Patents on an Augmented Reality Platform which has numerous applications in computer gaming, advertising, marketing, education, customer assistance and several unique personal uses. This new AR system known as AR Vision Tech ™ is based on variable ‘Patterns, Pulses and Colours of Light.’ It utilizes a two-part system with a light emission unit and freely distributes light interpretation software known as ALIS ™ which utilize a proprietary “handshake” in all commercial applications allowing for secure two-way communications transmissions.

To read the full press release click here.

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