Intel Cancels Smart Glasses Due to Lack of Investment

It was recently reported that Intel have cancelled their upcoming ‘Vaunt’ smart glasses as a result of little investment. The Verge described the wearable device, known internally as ‘Superlight’, as non-intrusive.

The smart wear consisted of a retinal laser projector in addition to other electronics and had a sleek appearance relative to other smart glasses on the market. The laser projector was low-powered and would beam a monochrome red pixel image into the lower corner of the wearer’s peripheral vision, excluding the need for a protruding display medium.

Intel confirmed their cancellation of Superlight in a statement to Endgadget. The company is quoted to have said that they are constantly developing new technology, but not all these products are taken to market. Difficult decisions are sometimes required when investment is not supported for certain products.

Earlier this year, Bloomberg claimed that Intel was considering selling a large stake in their AR division which was valued at approximately $350 million, and this news confirms that.

The article concludes by commenting that Intel’s withdrawal from the smart glasses market could be detrimental in the long term, however, a highly functional device may still be on the cards since big enterprises like Google, Apple, and Amazon are still invested in the tech.

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