ICONICS Integration With Realwear Industrial Wearable

An article on Iconics recently announced the integration of ICONICS’s human machine interface (HMI) software with RealWear’s head mounted industrial HMT-1™ wearable. The combination of these technologies enables users to have hands-free access to visual historical and real-time data KPIs.  RealWear is a member of The AREA.

Applications of the RealWear HMT-1™ include:

  • Industrial IoT data visualisation
  • Remote video collaboration
  • Technical documentation
  • Assembly and maintenance instructions and streamlined inspections

Russ Agrusa, President and CEO of ICONICS, is quoted to have said that the integration of their HMI software with the HMT-1™ hardware gives a solution to users requiring a hands-free interface for accessing untapped data. Sanjay Jhawar, President and Chief Product Officer at RealWear, is also quoted to have said that a safe and ergonomic human-machine interface was able to be developed from the combination of RealWear’s technology and HTML5, and that their partnership enables a complete wearable solution for field workers in sectors such as manufacturing, energy, and process control.

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