GE use Digital Twins and HoloLens to “Talk” to Machinery

Last week, MS Power User posted an article discussing General Electric’s use of the Microsoft Hololens, which was announced at the recent 2016 GE Minds and Machines conference. The technology is being used to help the company service equipment which is malfunctioning, for example, industrial steam turbines.

GE uses a technology device called “digital twins”; these are virtual duplications of machines, but with an added data overlay including information such as potential parts breakdowns. These can use operational data to determine which parts require a service. Consumers can address the digital twin by asking it questions about potential issues, and it will reply with answers.

The vice president of GE Software Research, Colin Parris, has said that the Hololens has a wide range of applications such as factory design, and can also help to train workers to repair and assemble parts without physically being on the plant floor.

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