Fieldbit Smart Glasses Technology Across US Onshore Operations

An article on PR Newswire reported on the recently announced update on the collaboration between Fieldbit and BP. Fieldbit Hero, an Augmented Reality solution applicable to field services, has been operating at BP Lower 48 sites in New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming for a few months, but its use will now be extended to the rest of BP’s Lower 48 US sites.

The Fieldbit Hero enables field experts to share the technician’s view via real-time video to improve accuracy of diagnosing issues. AR then allows visual instructions and real-time data to be overlaid onto the field worker’s view. Experts can also use the technology to extract visual records and store them for later use.

Advantages of Fieldbit Hero use in the field at BP Lower 48 include:

  • Improvements in safety and efficiency
  • Reduction in production losses, well downtime, and travel expenses
  • Helps preserve practical field services knowledge of workforce

Brian Pugh, Chief Operating Officer at BP Lower 48, is quoted to have said that the company will continue to utilise advances in technology to improve various aspects of their operations, including safety and reliability.

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