AREA Member Eye Succeed gets a mention in this article about emerging technology in the supply chain

Eye Succeed and Emerging Technology in the Supply Chain

An article on Food Manufacture UK draws from the Institute of Food and Science and Technology (IFST)’s 2018 Spring conference at the University of Birmingham on April 2018.

Use of technology to keep track of the entire supply chain in the food industry was a suitable solution, as it was extremely difficult for large manufacturers and retails with complex chains to monitor everything.

The issues being solved by technology related to visibility of suppliers further down the supply chain than tier one and tier two suppliers.  Some supply chains in food manufacture will have up to 20 tiers of suppliers.

In 2014 Good Glass worn by food business operators on site to screen practices and procedures to auditors remotely.

AR smart glasses could also be used for training purposes within the food industry.  There was a deficit of qualified auditors to meet demand which was a major challenges for food and drink firms, however, Eye Succeed (a provider member of the AREA) was developing technology to meet these needs.


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