Crunchfish AR technologies recognized by British industry TV

Crunchfish are one of AREA’s new members.  Their latest press release states that in an interview by British Telecom TV, Crunchfish’s Chairman Joachim Samuelsson talks about how the company is digitizing the proximity with technology enabling touchless gesture interaction in AR/VR and with Crunchfish Connected ARTM technology in m-commerce and social applications.

The 8-minute interview was recently made at the conference Internet of Banking & Payments 2017 in London, where Joachim Samuelsson together with partners, were keynote speaker at the opening day of the conference.

Their full press release as published on their website can be read here and is summarised below:

The two technologies offered by Crunchfish:

Smart interaction for enterprise AR

“Crunchfish offers efficient interaction technologies for enterprise AR solutions. Interaction challenges in industrial environments are driving demand for user-friendly ways to engage with AR smart glasses. We offer touchless interaction by gestures and contextual awareness technology that enable users to interact and handle information faster, easier and safer.”

Convenient and secure m-commerce

“Crunchfish Connected ARTM technology enables convenient and secure mobile proximity payment. It also provides proximity marketing in-store or between people outside the store. This unique offering is digitizing in-store m-commerce and it is our firm ambition to provide the drivers for m-commerce applications and set the market technology standard.”

Crunchfish AREA member profile can be seen here.

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