Business Innovation is AR’s Next Frontier

An article on CMS Wire discussed integral applications of Augmented Reality in a variety of sectors. It begins by stating that AR is rapidly advancing past its use in gaming and entertainment, instead proving its advantage in the enterprise.

The article claims that business meetings have become more digital and less personal, since employees interact with their smart devices more than their fellow colleagues. Therefore, new AR systems will bring back the human element of meetings as the technology does not require full attention, but is instead minimally invasive.

The way in which AR fits into various markets is then described as follows:

  • Real Estate = customers who are house-searching can see home interiors by pointing their phones at them. Construction workers can use AR to show clients what a house would look like with a different style of kitchen or bathroom. Shoppers can also see what items of furniture would look like in their homes.
  • Retail = Virtual Reality mirrors allow customers to try on clothes virtually, and there are apps that allow people to try on nail polish. Other apps enable consumers to make purchases by pointing their phones at items in printed catalogues.
  • Travel = VR allows people to ‘travel’ anywhere while remaining in one place, and AR helps to navigate places when travelling by overlaying directions on the street view in real time, and providing recommendations for places to visit.

An infographic is included at the end of the article, which has been previously summarised from an article on Hackernoon here (link to Predictions for the Future of AR).

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