BT – Could AR make solving engineering problems faster and cheaper?

UK based telecoms giant BT (British Telecom) has got on board with the potential for AR in the workplace for efficiency.  Find out how researchers at BT Labs are exploring the use of augmented reality to support engineers in the field.

On their blog they have recently explored a common enterprise use for AR that many of our enterprise members have been using for years.  Engineers often stumble across new problems and need the advice of specialists for further guidance, but can you imagine how difficult it can be to explain an issue and receive advice on how to resolve it over the phone?

It often means having to send the specialist out, wasting time and money. But what if engineers could share their challenges with others remotely? Augmented reality could hold the key.

BT’s researchers at Adastral Park have been exploring how engineers can live stream their work to their peers using Microsoft HoloLens. The remote engineer would not only be able to see what is going on but could also annotate what they see for the on-site engineer to view through the smart glass device.

The technique could prove particularly useful in training new engineers.  Full article here.

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