Bosch’s AR Adoption in the Auto Industry

In an article by Augmented Reality News, AREA Member Bosch Automotive Service has created a new interface known as the Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP). This interface allows automakers to write, edit and publish AR content on iOS, Android and Windows.

Rob Butz, Director of Business Development for technical information services segment at Bosch has said, “CAP is a production ready platform that provides the tools to enable a technical author, not a programmer, to develop and manage AR content efficiently. It also provides for an effective management and delivery of large and variable data sets, and includes a highly-optimized GUI and runtime client for delivery to the end user.”

He also says “As with any new technology, the introduction of AR will take some time to gain full acceptance. There are also more improvements yet to come in the tracking technologies and the hardware.”

Augmented Reality is introducing improvements for the auto industry. Visualizing the complex internals of modern vehicles can help technicians diagnose repairs more quickly and efficiently. AR can help in maintenance, the auto industry including operators’ manuals and product information for customers, and sales and marketing collateral for dealerships.

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