Bell Integrator Launches Augmented Reality Platform

Bell Integrator, a global consulting and technology services provider, have launched the first enterprise level cloud platform which allows companies to explore and procure innovative services such as Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Automation, and Big Data for accelerating digital monetization, according to an article released this week by Yahoo Finance.

The Bell.One empowers enterprises to build their own Augmented Reality experience based on a set of industry specific AR solutions that have been deigned to increase customer engagements and potential drive new revenue. It also offers a number of core services, including managed security, storage and compute, cloud, and application services. From deployment tools to content delivery, over 20 services are available in just a few clicks. New services are quick to provision, without upfront fees, allowing businesses to access the building blocks they need to enable digital transformation.

Blair Newman, CTO of Bell Integrator USA has said, “We aim to accelerate monetization by bringing digital services to the forefront of our customers’ attention. Most of our digital solutions are developed to help our customers succeed and drive revenue in this new digitalized reality.”


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