How Augmented Reality is Transforming Aviation

A 6-minute read piece that appeared on this week by Ajay Sharma is a great run through how augmented reality is transforming the aviation industry. Not only that, but the sources of all this fantastic information are: The AREA, Upskill (an AREA member), and Airbus.

For the visual amongst you, there’s a superb infographic that represents all the productivity and efficiency benefits to the aviation industry that AR is making possible.  What’s more, these are based on real life case studies, not pie in the sky dreaming.  Plenty of examples are discussed in this highly readable piece.

A run down on some of the key benefits of AR in the aviation industry are:

  • Error reduction
  • Improvement in quality and speed when assembling mock aircraft
  • Higher quality maintenance work
  • Step by step visual guidance
  • Faster repairs
  • Improved comms between airfield workers and central offices
  • Better, more effective training


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