Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Market

An increasing number of IT companies and startups showcased AR related products and this year’s CES and MWC.  Readers may be interested in a report that has also been released, providing an overview of the latest development of AR and VR Smart Glasses which also examines the potential of Smart Glasses in the future.

Some of the main points that have been listed in the report include:

  • Analysis of key issues that are likely to affect the potential of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses
  • Development timeline of key vendors in different development phases
  • Latest development of Augmented Reality Smart Glasses and includes accumulated shipment volume forecast by market sector for the period 2015-2020

Main vendors that are mentioned in this report include:

  • AREA Members; Atheer, DAQRI

Other vendors include ODG, Caputer, Epson, Facebook, Fujitsu, Glass Up, Google, Intel, Konia, Kopin and Magic Leap.

To read the report in full click here.

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