Augmented Reality To Save Tech From Itself

An opinion piece on TechCrunch offers a perspective on how Augmented Reality can save the problems caused by technology in the first place.  The author discusses the current economic and political climate with reference to jobs being lost due to technological changes – the skills needed for the jobs are lacking.  The nature of work is simply changing – how we respond to that must change too.

Since the next generation of employment will likely require much higher-level skills, we are going to need retraining continually over our entire working lives.  Perhaps technology, which is at least partly responsible for the problem, could help us out of this quagmire.

The article goes on to suggest that augmented and mixed reality could provide the answer.  AR could be part of an overall solution to help prepare and train workers for the next generation of jobs.  Examples are given in the article.

Research by Tractica is mentioned and the practical use of Augmented and Mixed Reality headsets in an enterprise or industrial setting.  The report stated: “AR headsets provide an ideal UI for hands-free operation, with the device at eye level, presenting information when needed. AR headsets can also bring powerful first-person views, which are valuable hands-free resources for field force automation, training, or maintenance jobs.”

Tech Crunch also mentions vendors who are looking at use cases. From Microsoft HoloLens to Osterhout Design Group, DAQRI and Meta.

Many points are covered in this report which include:

  • The new Reality
  • Scaling for the Enterprise
  • Putting AR to work
  • Teaching Tool

Other companies that are mentioned in this report include

  • Dell
  • Walmart
  • Boeing
  • GE
  • Upskill
  • Samsung
  • Facebook
  • Amber Garage
  • Google
  • Apple

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