Augmented Reality Market to hit $165bn by 2024

In a market report this week by Press Release Rocket the Augmented Reality Market is set to make $165 billion by 2024.

This market report splits the Augmented Reality Market into many sections. It is segmented by component, display device such as Smart Glasses, application, industry analysis report, regional outlook, price trends and competitive market share.

This report discusses applications in the Augmented Reality including the following: Medical Industry, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Gaming, Retail, Industrial.  The report states the following regions in the Augmented Reality Market: United States, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia, China, Apan, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and Mexico.

This report also includes in depth analysis on hardware and software, the type of display device such as Head-mounted display and Smart Glasses.

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