Augmented Reality: An Enterprise Business Imperative

In an opinion piece this week by, Augmented Reality is discussed.  The premise of the article is that all technology organizations in the Enterprise must start learning about Augmented Reality.

Questions such as ‘What’s the difference between AR, VR and Mixed Reality?’ ‘What kind of investment is needed to make this vision to fruition?’ ‘What’s the time frame for all this to happen?’ and ‘How many brands today prepare for this inevitable future?’ are asked and answered and the book ‘The Fourth Transformation’ is discussed in detail.

According to the article in the next few years, medicine, training and education, customer and field service and transportation will change as the technology companies, telecom suppliers and governments build the infrastructure needed to support a wide-scale adoption of Augmented Reality.

Although AR requires a significant technology infrastructure, the article states, the business case must drive how you deploy the technology in the enterprise. For example, if your company provides field service, the first step is figuring out how augmented reality can help your organization better serve its customers.

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