How Augmented Reality is Disrupting Industries

Augmented Reality has received some attention on a Virgin Entrepreneur blog “How Augmented Reality is disrupting Industries”.  The article mentions a variety of common industries that AR is impacting, such as architecture and property, retail and finance.

AR is helping architects bring their plans to life through a 3D environment before any foundations have even been laid. AR allows them to see what the interior of the building could also look like before it has been completed. This can be extended through the property industry to estate agents, who are able to take potential buyers to properties before they’re complete and allow them to picture their car on the driveway or what walls would like painted a certain colour, allowing more effective buying choices.

AR can help overcome the challenges that showcasing property through VR can bring and it can bridge the gap between seeing an unfinished project on a screen and in its physical space.

In retail AR can help reduce stress as shoppers can find the information they need about the product before they purchase it. The article also nods to the potential to point, click and pay with a smartphone camera which could transform business too, especially for those operating in the hardware and logistics sector. A lot of time can be wasted on inventory and mundane but necessary admin and paperwork. Anything that speeds it up and allows business owners and staff to focus on more important tasks could be hugely profitable in the long-run.

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