How Augmented Reality Can Make Aviation Safer and Better

An article on Upload VR discusses how Augmented Reality can help in aviation to overcome the problem of pilot human error.  With AR applications, timely and relevant information can be presented to the pilot when it is needed in an intuitive format, so that they can focus on the task at hand. Some benefits listed in the article include:

  • AR can overlay relevant information on demand
  • AR systems can visualize terrain, navigation, air-traffic, instrument, weather, and airspace information in a 360-degree
  • AR systems can display a simple corridor overlay to show the appropriate path – useful for take-off and landing
  • Important information including artificial horizons, waypoints, weather updates, flight plans, restricted areas and terrain information can be displayed to provide complete situational awareness
  • AR helps with Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) 
  • Help with Training and licensing technicians

The article also discusses an AR application that is already in use, the Aero Glass, and also states that Augmented Reality applications like the Aero Glass will help pilots of the future avoid costly mistakes and make timely decisions that will save lives.

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