Augmented Reality Building a Better Future in Construction

An article in the Guardian sets out how Augmented Reality is building a better future in construction and reinventing the industry. Construction projects can come along with a variety of problems. Research by McKinsey & Company found that construction was one of the least digitized industries, until now.

AREA Member DAQRI is mentioned in the article for their smart helmet which is designed for industrial settings.

Digitization allows information to be shared in real-time and leads to better outcomes such as those summarised below:

  • By overlaying virtual data and images on to a physical space, potential flaws that may arise in complicated processes can be spotted early.
  • Workers can see how a construction schedule might be affected by potential problems and take measures to avoid them.
  • The construction industry is being reinvented, since clients want to speed up their time to market
  • Designs and systems are growing in complexity e.g. buildings are being assembled in new ways.
  • Quotes in praise of Augmented Reality come from Gilbane Building Company who tested Microsoft’s HoloLens.

AR is also making it easier for planners and architects to collaborate with contractors and to reassure clients and address their concerns. AR is attractive due to its ability to deliver cost savings and reduce the chances of a build falling behind schedule. This in turn may lead to increased investment in the construction industry.

Using AR may be used to showcase a building or piece of infrastructure to potential investors in its proposed real-world location. This makes it more understandable (for example how the asset connects with its surroundings) and thus more attractive to potential investors.

Going further still, software is being developed that will enable companies to deliver an end-to-end service, showing clients what the inside of a build will look like when furnished a certain way.

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