Atheer Android Tablet Version of AiR

AREA member Atheer, announced recently that they have developed an Android tablet version of their own AiR Enterprise Augmented Reality application.

This new tablet version of Atheer’s AiR Enterprise, currently is in use by members of their Early Adopter Program. This new technology was initially designed for use with the popular Samsung S2 tablets. AiR Enterprise will support a broad range of tablets and handheld Android devices.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Atheer, Soulaiman Itani said: “The release of AiR Enterprise for Android tablets is another important step towards delivering on the promise of Augmented Reality for all our industrial enterprise customers. It provides our customers with the flexibility, scalability, speed and choice they need to bring together their physical and digital workspaces – using assets and technology they already have.”

Getting AiR Enterprise for Android tablets into the hands of customers allows Atheer to be able to offer and refine AR solutions that seamlessly integrate tablets and smart glass experiences into a single, cohesive working environment.

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