Asia Pacific Enterprise regional AR VR spending rises

An article on ARN by James Henderson on May 25 2018 states that spending on augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) within Asia Pacific is forecast to reach US$11.1 billion in 2018, as enterprise use cases increase across the region.

Representing growth of more than 100 per cent from US$4.6 billion the previous year, the upward trend bodes well for channel partners currently developed business applications within the market.

Because despite strong adoption of AR and VR technologies across consumer segments, IDC research suggests that in fact, commercial sectors or enterprise will represent more than 48 per cent of spending in 2018.

This figure is expected to overtake the consumer sector in the next five years with 58 per cent share by the end of the forecast period, according to IDC.

“The use cases for both AR and VR are proliferating in the enterprise segment as companies across sectors are developing new IT and business applications,” IDC associate research director of Asia Pacific, Avinav Trigunait, said.

“Many enterprises in the region have already developed solutions utilizing AR and VR such as for design and visualisation, corporate trainings, field maintenance and customer experience and marketing applications.”

In being the largest source of spending however, the consumer sector will continue to drive growth for AR and VR products and services, holding a 51.3 per cent share of overall spending in 2018.

Trigunait said the growth will be primarily driven by the availability of new headsets for VR which will lead to VR consumer spending.

While AR spending will be dominated by the purchase of services – the launch of Augmented Reality SDK platforms from both Google and Apple are also expected to drive spending on application development and games for mobile platforms.


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