Arvizio and DotProducts Partnership – Mixed Reality in Industry

An article on 3D Printing Industry recently discussed Mixed Reality in relation to Arvizio’s contributions to Industry 4.0.

Important information about Mixed Reality mentioned in the article includes:

  • At enterprise level, MR adds another dimension to visualisation and product design
  • Exploration of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality is often linked to additive manufacturing
  • MR allows for collaboration to no longer be site-specific
  • A way of managing 3D data models for view in MR is via the use of point clouds
  • Point cloud data creates an image as a collection of dots which saves a significant amount of processing power

Arvizio provides MR services to enterprises. They have integrated high definition point cloud data produced by DotProduct 3D to improve the current abilities of its proprietary MR Studio™ platform for the Microsoft HoloLens and other headsets.

Jonathan Reeves, CEO of Arvizio, is quoted to have said that this integration will enable collaboration for stakeholders and team members in highly efficient new ways.

Use cases for DotProducr’s 3D scanners mentioned in the article include:

  • Electrical utilities
  • Building renovation
  • Offshore oil facilities
  • Hardware engineering in the US Navy
  • Bridge renovation project (used by multinational construction and development company Skansa)

The partnership between Arvizio and DotProducts has produced MR products that allow customers to multitask using virtual display channels. Users can host a video chat with colleagues and simultaneously access any relevant data about the project to add to the discussion.

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