AREA Members Atheer and RealWear working together

AREA members RealWear and Atheer working together

This interview was conducted with Rika Nakazawa, VP of Strategy and Partnerships at Atheer and appears on the RealWear blog.  Rika Nakazawa is the vice-president of strategy and partnerships at Atheer.  Nakazawa is a technology industry veteran and advisor to ventures in the extended reality (VR/AR) ecosystem, forges go-to-market programs with technology, OEM/ODM, and solution integration partners that build and deliver the best-of-class solutions.


Nakazawa strives to illuminate how to drive leading experiences where the human, digital, and physical intersect, and how we can re-invent ways people come together to create, consume, and celebrate the digital experiences that constitute life as we know it, feel it, see it, and immerse in it.

In this interview Nakazawa talks about Atheer, their products, history and news, and goes on to discuss their working partnership with RealWear.

The full interview appears here.  See also the AREA profiles of Atheer and RealWear.

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