AREA Members Boeing and Upskill Come Together in New Project

AREA Member Boeing recently announced their plans to launch a new venture capital arm called the HorizonX. This new project will invest in two start-ups;

  1. AREA member, Upskill a Washington DC based start-up that builds enterprise software for industrial augmented reality (AR) devices (see their member profile here
  2. Zunum Aero, a Seattle-area company that builds electric hybrid aircrafts

Upskill’s Skylight Platform uses Augmented Reality Glasses to help assembly workers with complex tasks. This technology provides specific information to workers on their AR glasses which removes the need of using paper. Upskill has also received additional funding from GE Ventures in a Series B Round.  Upskill’s Skylight platform can be used across manufacturing plants, maintenance and repair facilities and in distribution.

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