AR as a Partner for Industry – Manufactura Magazine

Executive Director of the AREA, Mark Sage, was recently interviewed for Manufactura Magazine in Mexico. The article from this interview describes the advantage of Augmented Reality technology in the aerospace and automotive industries.

The advancement of smartphones and their popularity in the last ten years has allowed them to be used as data processing units and AR displays. Sage is quoted to have said that the development of technology such as Microsoft Hololens and Google Glass has fuelled consumer tech companies making AR available to the public. Even consulting a map on a cell phone is utilising AR, despite the misconception that AR is only available via smart glasses or helmets.

Although some organisations are already starting to implement AR or developing solutions that will help AR adoption, it is only just the beginning. Sage also said that industry will adopt AR technology as the cost of it becomes reduced; it currently costs approximately €25,000 for the most professional and economical AR solutions. 

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