Apple’s ARkit brings AR Capabilities to Millions of Devices

Apple’s involvement with AR has been in the news again this week.  At the end of May 2017 Apple announced a new Augmented Reality platform ARKit.  According to various sources, this has the capability to reach out to hundreds of millions of devices.

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ViewAR did the first tests for this new ARKit and checked out the tracking capabilities and stability. ViewAR said they are ‘pretty amazed about the stability and the tracking capabilities. They claimed it was a huge step forward for the industry, stating that further tests are being conducted.

“It’s great for companies like us to see, that Apple sees AR as we do,” states Phillip Fumolo, CEO at ViewAR.

Apple are planning more than the ARKit.  If rumours are to be believed, they have plans to build a new generation of iPhones mainly on AR features, strengthening its market position the near future.

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