5 Cool Augmented Reality Applications in the Manufacturing Sector

A recent article by Interesting Engineering discusses Augmented Reality in the manufacturing sector: leading manufacturers such as Thyssenkrupp, Boeing, Caterpillar, Range Rover and Porsche are all applying AR at different levels and are all witnessing tremendous benefits across multiple production stages.

Thyssenkrupp, use AR for design. They use the Microsoft HoloLens which helps them design bespoke home mobility solutions. A salesperson now measures clients’ staircases through HoloLens and the measured 3D point cloud data is then sent to their manufacturing team automatically. This helps them make quick decisions and near real-time design approval for manufacturing.

AREA member Boeing is mentioned for using AR to assemble their products. Augmented Reality helps ease their complex tasks of wiring that goes into all their Fighters. Boeing using Google Glass and Skylight which is a software platform from Upskill, another one of AREA’s members.

The next 3 points that are stated in the article are personnel training, quality control and maintenance. Interesting Engineering also state that as the hardware and software for AR improve, this embryonic technology will gain more potential to disrupt the traditional industrial environment.

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