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3D Studio Blomberg Announces the Launch of Finity

London, UK3D Studio Blomberg is excited to announce the launch of Finity, a new suite of solutions and services to enable visual business for enterprises. As CEO, Bengt Lillvik, explained Finity is “…designed to help businesses thrive, by bridging the gap between technology and business process improvement, using the technologies of AR and VR.” Under the Finity banner, 3D Studio Blomberg is launching 2 new products: Finity Journey and Finity Vada.

Finity Journey is an innovative application of Virtual Reality (VR) concepts that enable a global audience to tour, explore, learn and experience a facility or product, 24/7. Virtual visitors can experience this journey in a PC or mobile browser, a custom-branded mobile app or even in true VR. With a mix of multi-lingual audio, 360 video and images, 3D models, live data and IoT, Finity Journey provides a compelling and impactful experience, enabling the virtual visitor to navigate the 360VR Tour through interactive hotspots, making their journey easy and memorable. The value created by Finity can be embraced by a broad range of industries and businesses.

“Virtual reality offers very exciting opportunities to improve our recruitment platform and better serve our customers in this marketplace. We see 3D Studio Blomberg’s technologies as a unique tool to help companies attract the best talent.”  Joonas Pihlajamaa, Director, Recruitment and eCom, Oikotie, Sanoma Digital, Oikotie

“In today’s competitive recruitment market, we constantly strive to hire the best people. Finity journey helps Elisa stand out by enabling potential candidates to make an informed workplace decision by taking a compelling virtual tour of our world-class working environment”. Juho Toivola, VP, Strategic Resourcing, Elisa Oyj, Elisa

Finity Vada meets the challenge for companies to adopt Augmented Reality (AR) in their operations head on, by addressing the lack of tools to automate the creation of AR experiences at enterprise scale. Finity Vada is designed to remove this barrier to AR adoption by offering an automation framework for publishing AR experiences. Vada uses powerful templates to machine-generate AR experiences that allow the re-use of enterprise assets such as 3D CAD data, attributes from PLM and ERP and IoT data streams.  Finity Vada’s high level of automation enables enterprise targets such as IP protection, cost and scalability to be met, without the risk of manual and error-prone mistakes. It essentially enables automation for industrial AR, at scale.

“Finity Vada represents a significant step forward in making AR ready for the enterprise. We see automation as a key enabler to meet the needs of scalability and cost in the adoption of AR” Taito llmonen, IlS Architect, ABB Oy, Drives

The official launch for both these products is 13th June 2018 at AR&VR World in London, part of the well-established London Tech Week. This week-long festival of tech and innovation bringing together 55,000 attendees at the London ExCel venue. The unveiling will take place in the Immerse 360 theatre with Pontus Blomberg, Founder and VP Business Development at 3D Studio Blomberg.  Further promotion will use an extensive range of social and digital channels over the coming weeks in June.

Since 2001, 3D Studio Blomberg has grown and expanded to become a front-runner in industrial visualisation. Our core expertise and experience lies in holistic visual communications and we’re passionate about using this to develop innovative visual tools and solutions for a broad range of uses, incorporating the latest technology, including AR and VR.  Visual business is our vision that companies will become more effective and efficient by harnessing highly visual technologies such as AR and VR, to enable rapid understanding, streamline training, improve operations and accelerate decision-making.

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