3 ways AR is transforming manufacturing and logistics

Readers are likely to be very interested in Michael Park’s article on Augmented Reality, which focuses on the enterprise. AR is poised to radically improve manufacturing, logistics, and skilled trades.

The technology also has the potential to increase productivity in warehousing and transport by optimizing processes across the entire supply chain. I spoke to AR thought leaders and investors who gave me three key insights from into how the technology will disrupt manufacturing in terms of training, logistics, and transportation.

The article talks through training skilled talent in manufacturing hubs. The technology can spur significant improvements in productivity by shortening the learning curve for on-site staff.  AREA Member Atheer is mentioned, for their platforms which allows access to contextual documentation and resources, step-by-step task guidance, and barcode scanning — all of which can be directly transmitted to an on-site employee’s smart glasses.

This technology could easily be expanded into other skilled trades, such as various engineering disciplines, welding, plumbing, and electricity systems. With the rise of automation potentially eliminating manual roles AR training tools will be useful in future-proofing the global workforce.

The streamlining of logistics operations are discussed with warehouse employees typically performing multiple actions when managing an order. They must locate the correct product, scan it, and deliver it to the loading dock. Greater speed than a human could achieve is made possible.

If used correctly, such technology has the potential to significantly reduce the cost of warehousing operations – DHL is cited as an example.

AR applications could streamline the time it takes to identify packages and determine their route and destination in the transportation industry. For example, an AR mobile app or wearable device can project information about the type of goods being transported, each package’s weight, and whether it is fragile.

With quotes from industry big players and videos, this is an engaging article that discusses a number of relevant applications of augmented reality in industrial settings

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