Enterprise Augmented Reality Hardware and Software Functional Requirements

AR Functional RequirementsAs part of the AREA’s mission to accelerate the adoption of Enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) by creating a comprehensive ecosystem, we are pleased to share with you the world’s first AR hardware and software functional requirements.

These requirements were initially created through a collaboration between UI LABS and the AREA and delivered through a project led by Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar and Procter & Gamble.

In March 2017, 65 organizations — including industry, AR providers, universities, and government agencies — came together for a workshop to discuss the requirements and offer insights into their challenges and needs in order to further develop the guidelines.

It’s important for any new global ecosystem to agree on a baseline set of requirements. They can act as a benchmark, help to create a shared understanding and language, and provide direction to the Enterprise AR ecosystem.

For Enterprises: AR functional requirements encourage interoperability, make RFPs easier to create, and provide a clear understanding of what is required.

For AR Providers: AR functional requirements clarify what enterprises need to make AR projects successful, which can then be used to influence development roadmaps and future product launches.

The documents below include requirements outlining:

pdfHardware: Battery life; connectivity; field of view; on-board storage; on-board operating system; environmental; inputs/outputs and safety.
pdfSoftware: Authoring; AR content; creating 3D content; deployment of AR content and Internet of Things. 

Next steps

These AR functional requirements are living documents that, under the aegis of the AREA, will be further developed and expanded to provide an ongoing, comprehensive statement of what industry needs for a single solution to meet its future needs. To support their ongoing development, the AREA is creating a Functional Requirements Committee (made up of AREA members) the goal of which is to ensure the requirements become an increasingly integral, relevant and important resource in the development of the Enterprise AR ecosystem.

Committee members will be tasked to establish the processes, tools, governance and strategy to ensure that all players have a say. The AREA Functional Requirements Committee will have ultimate responsibility for keeping the requirements updated and relevant.

More work is going on in the background to create simple and effective ways to engage with the requirements and ensure the you can have your say.

Look for more updates to follow, but in the meantime please feel free to leave a comment about the requirements or this process.

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