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AR Experience Developer

There are many different types of Augmented Reality experience developers today and this diversity will only increase as the AR ecosystem grows, similarly to web development.

Augmented Reality experience developers can be grouped according to the technology suite with which they work (some work with both):

  • Computer-vision based AR experience technologies
  • Geospatially referenced AR experience technologies

AR experience developers also differ in their focus on enterprise use cases. Today most AR developers have only executed projects for marketing and sales purposes. Some of these projects may have involved enterprise processes.

The development of Augmented Reality experiences within enterprises involving strategic processes or digital assets can be quite sensitive and some customers are unable to outsource such activities, in which case an employee takes responsibility for AR development.

In addition to mastering the required skills, AR experience developers should be familiar with:

  • Current graphics tools for creating digital data objects that will appear when a trigger is detected and recognized
  • 3D-modeling software for manipulating prepared models and/or creating simple models as needed
  • Design workflows, as used in game, instructional/courseware and web design, in order to plan user interactions and streamline steps users need to begin using AR, while also providing some level of personal preferences (settings)
  • Web services and database management
  • Programming skills in Java,JSON, or XML


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