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Marketing and Sales


AR-assisted marketing and sales permits customers to explore features of a product or service with the assistance of a sales professional or independently. Users can manipulate a digital object, “try on” a product from a digital catalog and better understand the characteristics of a product they wish to purchase.

AR Technologies

AR-assisted marketing and sales uses any technology for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Display options for AR-assisted marketing and sales can be based on mobile platform, desktop systems, kiosks and other types of stationary displays. The user interface for AR-assisted marketing and sales can be touchscreen and can frequently include gestures for advancing through a catalog or other document.

In some scenarios, integration of marketing and sales projects using Augmented Reality with customer relationship management systems, in order to capture selections and preferences of customers, may be highly desirable.


  • Retail establishments do not need to carry full catalogs or products in a showroom
  • Customers can evaluate products prior to their release or availability in a store
  • Customer can configure or test out different features and choices in advance of making an informed buying decision
  • Social features to permit customers to receive feedback from influencers and other decision makers
  • High engagement with brands and products


Manufacturers of consumer goods, garments, jewelry, food and beverage companies, automotive companies, any retail establishment or brand that seeks to engage and interact with customers in novel and meaningful ways.


Customers or prospective buyers, both consumers and professionals.

Example Scenarios

  • Trying on goods such as a pair of glasses frames, a watch or jewelry before purchasing
  • Evaluating preferred rim styles for car wheels or different paint colors in a showroom before ordering
  • Evaluating different options of heating and air conditioning systems in a room before purchasing