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Field Service


AR-assisted field service supports users in accomplishing new or ongoing maintenance activities (corrective & preventive) of machinery and equipment by leveraging and augmenting key workflows, procedures and conceptual information selected from existing technical publication repositories, together with other corporate assets such as product information.

AR Technologies

AR-assisted field service uses any technology for authoring, detection, recognition and rendering. Display options such as head-mounted displays that free up operators to use their hands are preferred. The user interface for AR-assisted field service can be speech, gesture and eye-gaze or touchscreen.

Integration of AR-assisted field service with parts databases, workflow and customer management technologies and systems is highly desirable.

Advanced field service systems using Augmented Reality can support remote expert interaction and feedback with integrated video conferencing and collaboration tools.


  • Rapid and consistent access by all field service professionals to current records, instructions or policies
  • Reduced risk of delays in field service due to lack of familiarity with new or old products
  • Reduced risk of errors in field service


Field service organizations operating in industries such as automotive & heavy equipment, electronics, defense, aerospace, utilities, agriculture, financial services, telecommunications, logistics, power & automation, energy & resource, naval engineering.


Field service technicians who maintain machinery, equipment, and other products.

Example Scenarios

  • Periodic maintenance inspections of aircraft; radar station power board replacement
  • Utilities inspection and emergency response crews
  • Routine checks for car owners such as oil and fluid status